Danielle Lesiw

Graphic Designer


Mobile App UX/UI





About Me

 I am an entry level graphic designer with experience in logos & branding, website design, print media, photography, illustration, and apparel design. Currently, a student at Baldwin Wallace University, expected to graduate in May 2024.

Art is something that I am continuously learning and pushing myself to excel in. Through art, I have been able to connect with others and meet a lot of interesting people. I have been around artworks and supplies all my life with my mom being an art therapist. The concept of surrealism has always interested me as an artist. I find that it allows the artist to twist reality in a creative way. Surrealism allows the artist to tell a story within the piece. The creativity and ideas behind art always draw me in. In my own personal artwork, I like to include elements of surrealism and create a story behind the works.

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